Public and Stakeholder Engagement

Since its founding, Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) has been actively raising awareness of this river resource, studying river system health and aquatic life, encouraging area residents and students to experience the river from the onsite, identifying and measuring pollutants, mitigating floodplain brownfields, and promoting riparian plant habitat restorations. WREC’s important work has improved river system ecology while changing public perceptions of the potential that this natural resource has to offer. 

WREC has also been instrumental in leading local efforts to establish a Wabash River Greenway (WRG) within Tippecanoe County through land acquisitions and planning and design initiatives. Additional river corridor brownfield sites will be identified as part of the WRG corridor master plan and prioritized for environmental mitigation and reuse, either as recreational sites, new development and/or riparian landscape restorations. 

Community input and feedback received during the Wabash River Greenway corridor master plan effort will be utilized to guide and prioritize upcoming development efforts.