Explore Communities on the Wabash


The Wabash River Greenway is a giant leap forward in expanding the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation’s (WREC) important work to four new counties within the Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) region. The WRG directly aligns with and can accomplish many goals found within WHIN’s 2018 and 2019 Placemaking Survey results – specifically the ability to increase the region’s community vitality and connectivity. Supporting WHIN’s mission to utilize technology and the internet of things to augment user experiences and facilitate active living lifestyles, the Wabash River Greenway will be a broadband trunk line corridor along its entire 90 miles.

New recreational facilities and place making amenities celebrating local history and culture will come alive through mobile applications that enrich the Wabash River Greenway experience. The daily lives of residents in all five counties and the leisure time of visitors and travelers enjoying the greenway will be made even more enjoyable through mobile applications supporting wayfinding to unique natural features, lodging services, dining opportunities, local attractions, provisions, camping facilities, medical services, and more. 

The 90-mile greenway will bring regionally and nationally recognized quality of life active living amenities and facilities where residents and visitors can recreate while experiencing the river environment. Embellishing those experiences will be unanticipated encounters and observations of the aquatic life, waterfowl, mammals, birds, and reptiles that thrive in the corridor, both within the rural countryside as well as within the region’s cities and towns.

Map of Wabash River Greenway Area and Surrounding Counties