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Carroll County

Delphi is the only city in Carroll County and serves as the county seat. The City of Delphi provides many parks for the enjoyment of residents and visitors, such as City Park, Overlook Park, Riley Park, Riley Park Annex, and Trailhead Park. Riley is Delphi’s largest park and was donated to the city in 1930 by E. W. Bowen. Trailhead Park’s purchase, design, construction, and rehabilitation of the grounds was made possible by a 1990 Wabash River Heritage Fund Grant.

Within Delphi, the historic Wabash and Erie Canal is used by the local community for educational and entertainment purposes. Delphi maintains a three-mile section of the Canal to this day. When constructed, the Wabash and Erie Canal was-the longest human-made waterway ever built in the Western Hemisphere (1832-1872).

The City of Delphi is graced by the beautiful and natural verdure of Deer Creek and the Wabash River. The community has made impressive strides to embellish their local history while developing trails to serve all residents’ recreational needs.

Riley Park, Delphi, Indiana
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City Park, Delphi, Indiana
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